10 Tips to Make Your Apartment Feel �Homey�

Houses are made by bricks, while a home is made with heartfelt emotions, wise thoughts and superb decorations in it. Our hectic life schedule leaves us a minimum scope to sit and relax. However, homes are special destinations, where we shed our entire day�s glitches and get a refreshed motivation to face new challenges. A home makes us feel safe and secured. It is the best place where we look forward, to get back both after a stressful working day or an awesome vacation. Thus, we say �Home sweet home� and it doesn�t matter wherever we go, getting back to the cozy corner of our own is always alluring.

Homes reflect persona, attribute, choice and social position of the occupants. To make such a special place more enticing, it is important that your house is neatly decorated that creates a positive aura for the residents and also for the guests. In recent times, Pune city has witnessed, the availability of apartments made of quality raw materials. Making an abode feel �Homey� is not very big deal. Some simple alterations and upgradation can easily transform the flats in Pune to a residential haven. But before doing so, keep in mind to decide your budget for the same. Here are some 10 tips that can get a makeover for your apartment:

1. Color your dream shelter: An exotic coloring scheme can set an impressive refashioning of the abodes. Decide well and chose the colors. A contrast of shades in a room and a designer coloring or textured painting in the other can really make a difference in the appearance.

2. Upgrade furniture: Change you old furniture with the new one. Remodeling the old furniture may also help if you have an emotional attachment with it.

3. Bright Lights will help: Lighten up your cozy corner to get a vibrant feel. An exquisite lighting of the apartments creates a majestic ambience. You can choose different lighting programs for each room to uplift the d�cor.

4. Invest in accessories: Accessorize your apartment with home d�cor items. A carpet on the floor or a beautiful curtain or even a bunch of artificial flower in a chic flower vase, can really make a lot of difference in the appearance and presentation. 

5. Increase storage capacity: Make sure that your apartment has enough storage capacity. Scattered and sparsely arranged things will get a direction, if you have capacious storage options. Decorative and multi-use cabinets and boxes will ease out the arrangement for disorganized things.

6. Apply variations in decorative theme: Pick a different theme for each room. A decorative contrast in the interiors helps in creating an exquisite existence of your shelter.

7. Don�t leave a single space untouched: If you are planning to make a creative change in your apartment, runs a cautious eye to each and every nook of your shelter. The makeover is incomplete if you later find that you have missed any room or even a corner.

8. Insists in cleanliness: Make a habit of cleaning your apartment regularly. A shabby abode with regal interiors will hold a null value.

9. Capacious outlook is important: Avoid stuffing your apartment in the name of interior decoration. A simply decorated spacious apartment soothes the livelihood as compared to stuffed shelters. Enough breathing space in important for a cozy lifestyle.

10. Regular maintenance is a must: Keep a routine for an overall health check of your apartments. This will help in keeping away filthy invasions like pests away.

These simple tips will help in getting a creative change in the homes. Apartments in Pune are no exceptions. Maintaining is equally important as implementing decorative changes. Keep making innovative change in d�cor and surprise your guest every time they step-in.

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