2016 Kitchen Trends

With the new year fast approaching, it is time to turn our attentions to the trends and fashions of 2016. It might seem shortsighted to start guessing 2016 trends from 2015, but with how the manufacturing and interior design world works, experts need to know the broad strokes quite far out.

So we�ve scoured the internet, and cross-references several experts opinions to compile a list of five trends looking to make serious waves in kitchen design in 2016. 

Open plan 

Sticking around from the set of 2015 design trends, open plan is still a huge, omnipresent thing in 2016 kitchens. The push for us to be more sociable in our homes continues, despite technology making us less and less reliant on face to face socialising.

Open plan kitchens involve big floor space, and a seamless incorporation of dining room furniture. Your utensils, cooking equipment, and various other items should be on show also. The crux of the idea is that, even while you�re cooking, you should still be involved with the party, with no walls in between. 

Smart storage 

That said, a big shift from 2015 design trends involves smart storage. Previously, the open plan design scheme had extended to open storage, through the use of shelving in place of cupboards. Now, however, cupboards are being brought back to prominence, though not in the traditional sense.

Smart storage cupboards use modern technology to make the storage more convenient. Touch-to-open cupboards, fold out storage, and hidden compartments look to make the kitchen of 2016 compact. This should stop overly large cupboards getting in the way of your open plan design schemes. 


Glass is the decorative material of choice in 2016, and looks to be cropping up everywhere. Lighting is incorporating glass, with lampshades being replaced by glass alternatives. It is also being used as an alternative to tiling, with single sheet coloured glass being used to cover small expanses of wall.

But glass is also being used for art installations. Glass sculptures are soon to be hitting the shelves, both big and small. Thankfully, these aren�t too expensive, so buying one or two items won�t break the bank. 

Brushed steel 

The 2015 kitchen was covered in natural metals, like bronze and copper. Steel was shunned, but 2016 sees it come back in a big way. While brilliantly shiny steel is still not prominent, brushed, duller steels are acceptable. This means your appliances, storage, and furniture can be metallic, but also subtle at the same time. Team it with some dark colours to really make it stand out. 

Custom tiles 

New for 2016, and stopping glass from completely taking over, custom tiles are something you really ought to look into. Of course, you could be quite handy with a paintbrush, and have been decorating your own tiles for years. But custom tiles can now be the property of the artistically inept too.

Various websites will now offer you blank tiles with colourless designs on them, that you can then customise to your choosing by adding any colour combinations you want. The end result will be tiles that you won�t find anywhere else. In 2016, there are few better ways to be unique, without going too outlandish, than with custom tiles.

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