9 creative ways you can repurpose pallets

Do you ever get tired of how your space looks and feels as if you need a revamping to do? Have you tried doing projects using wooden pallets?

Wooden pallets are great if you want to add and spruce your home with that rustic charm you have been itching to add in your wonderful abode�s ambiance. An early warning though, you�ll get obsessed with DIY wooden pallet projects. Another thing that will make you go gaga over DIY pallets, they�re either absolutely cheap or completely free! So there�s really no excuse to NOT use them for home decor, is there?

So what are these woods good for? Storage mainly, center, dining and coffee table, chairs, headboards and a whole lot more. Rusting to find out what more you can do with these? Here are wonderful ways you can make use of wooden pallets to give your space a rustic eccentric yet stylish vibe. 

A pallet bed. 
This simple and practical way of using wooden pallets are brilliant. You don�t have to get in your car and head to the home department store and look for a cheap (yet not exactly your taste) bed. Plus, this pallet bed is no-sweat when you want to move from one side of the room to the other and it�s cheap (or at zero cost). Only thing though, make sure that the pallets are in good shape.

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Small theater.

If you could use it as a less costly solution for a bed, why not go all out and imagine a small home theatre using these pallets as the primary frame of the couch/bedding. If you frequently have guests over, this is a great idea for the entertainment area of your home.

A coffee table.
Add casters to the bottom of two wooden pallets stacked and screwed together, there you have it, your own coffee or center table perfect in the living room or by your balcony. You can use the in-between storage for magazines, books and other storage purposes. Paint it with the desired color you want or leave it bare, it would surely work and pull off the atmosphere of the room altogether.

Multipurpose furniture/decor for your balcony.

Surely your balcony is reserved for your �alone� time. However, you should rethink and consider to have it used for spontaneous hangout area for you and your friends. These crates that can be used for storage, shelves, table, chair and other purposes will definitely work well for your balcony/spontaneous-friday-night-sessions with friends. Or, you can just �netflix and chill� here and use the crates for your own comfort and desire.

Pallet pet beds.

Don�t leave your pet behind and let them join your pallet obsession! Surely this won�t take up too much of your time and too many wooden pallets, make a bed for your pet and never see them sleep on the cold pavement. Also, if it�s just too comfy for your pet, you might finally have your bed all to yourself since they have their own comfortable bed now. Make sure that you put there a cozy pillow and toys they can snug over when they sleep.


Okay, we get your point that the purpose of shelves is to used as a functional storage space. But hey, that does not necessarily mean you can�t have fun and be creative with your storage items. It could be a decorative display that�s been missing in your room. This example though is made of reclaimed lumber but you can do it as well using pallets. This is a great and inexpensive project you can do by yourself that only require minimal resources which you can most definitely find witting in your father�s garage or backyard.

A perfect rocker.
Just when you thought it couldn�t get any better. A rocker is a perfect nook for your reading pleasure or if you just want to relax, breathe the fresh air and release stress. You can place this on your yard or porch, of course place it where you�ll have a serene sight. If you want, you can go big and make a hanging day bench/bed where you can lie on your back and just feel the wind toggle you side to side.

Flower or plant pots. 

This is similar with the display storage pallet project but aside from putting in frames, books, and other home decor accessories, you use it for your plants. This will definitely look great in your garden and it�s a sure stand out that your guests, especially those who has their own garden, will certainly drool over.

An industrial headboard. 

This one might be the easiest in the list, you might be lucky because some pallets are already in good shape as per your bed�s headboard. If you want, you can just repaint it, redesign and the likes of it. If you found a good looking pallet and the one that�s in perfect shape, you just have to attach it to your bed.

Got any more ideas to share on how to upcycle wooden pallets and turn them into an eye-catching home decor that builds rustic charm? Share them with us!

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When she�s not looking over Pinterest searching for Home decoration and design ideas, Chie Suarez regularly writes for PAAL Kit Homes. It is a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home.

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