Creative decor ideas to show off your collections

Many people are proud of their flea market and salvage yard finds, but some fail to find the right spot to showcase them. That�s how valuable and one-of-a-kind possessions end up forgotten in basements and attics around the world. If you ask me, these items are not called collectibles because they are designed to collect dust.  They deserve a tribute to their legacy and should be displayed to inspire awe and bring life to our homes. 

The show must go on

One of the first things to do is to consider is the architecture of the living area and engage in some strategic planning. Hence, organizing the interior around collectibles involves the reverse process at the beginning. One must take into account the electrical layout, lighting, dominant colors and style. It�s a good idea to show off collectibles that mimic the lines of furnishings, color theme or underlying design. 

Still, experimenting is much better than being rigid or blindly following fashion. It�s about personality and taste, not trends and rules set in stone. Just note that not every collectible should scream: �Hey, look at me!� To prevent distraction and visual noise, let some object merge into the surroundings. The aim isn�t to turn the house into a gallery, because we all need a functional environment to live in. 

There�s no reason to stick only to traditional decorative items because it�s the unexpected ones that often steal the show. Even mundane household objects like light bulbs can serve as collectibles. They vary in shapes and sizes and have an intriguing history of their own. It�s possible to paint them and create some DIY decoration as well.

So, always think twice before discarding used and worn objects. Put them on open shelving in the kitchen and warm up the space. Bright, vintage kitchenware is a perfect choice for those looking for something that stands out against the muted wall color. Shelves can also make sure there is enough space for your 100oz. gold bars or other valuables. Salvaged industrial light fixtures are a perfect choice to make such collections shine.

Shaping up

If manageable, one should search for versions of collectibles in different shapes and sizes. Large and small items grouped together will grab attention of the viewer and odd-numbered groupings are more engaging than the ones in even numbers. And with similar textures, or by repeating the accent color, we can tie together different items.

What it takes is to look beyond the item�s original function, for it is all about the style and looks. A pottery collection, for example, is a part of many people�s family heirloom, and it should be treasured as such. It�s best displayed in a custom cabinet that is a spectacle in its own right. Even if some pieces are never used, they are there because of their sentimental value. 

When framed, many items like vintage postcards, signs, and advertising posters can take a starring role in the living environment. This is also a nice way to cherish vacation memories and other mementos that add to the retro feel of the home. Consistency with the frame style is crucial for people who want to mash different pieces.  This rule applies to other collectibles as well, and helps people stay on the right course.

Like a charm

Living surrounded by the beautiful things you like is a privilege some choose to forgo. Others discover great exhilaration that is tied to the practice of collecting and displaying special items. When they are given a place they deserve, collectibles serve loyally as stunning focal points for our rooms. If done right, mixing different eras and themes creates a mesmerizing blend that sets the tone for the whole living area and assembles a charming personal haven. 

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