Design in harmony: How to decorate with roommates

Renting out a flat, having a room shared with your brother/sister or staying in dormitory during college, moving together with your significant other can have its own upsides and downsides. Rent will be cheaper since it�s split into two or more however, there will be issues with privacy and etiquette.

Regardless if you�re sharing a room with a friend, sibling or contacted out of Craigslist, you both will be getting along and setting grounds one way or another. You have to since that person is the face you�ll be seeing in the morning and before you sleep, so it�s really important that you get along.

One of the greatest conundrums roommates face when they lay eyes and set feet in their new humble space is �How will I decorate? (and still keep peace).� Both of you will have disagreements when it terms to wall color, theme, designating own spaces and overall designing and decorating however, the best way to do so while you maintain a good relationship is to compromise.
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Lay your thoughts on the table. 

Before you start putting up your artworks and arranging the living room and dining area as how you like it, be sure to consult and discuss it with the other half that owns the place as well.

Sit down together and start brainstorming. State your style or show photos from your inspiration board on Pinterest and look at their style as well. First thing you should settle should be the color palette; are you more into earthy tones or monochrome, does she want an all-white room? Of course, aside from your likes, discuss your dislikes as well. Who knows you both have the same distastes and if it�s easier for the both of you to start and work from there, the styling and decorating can be smooth sailing in the long run. If you are planning on splurging on an item, it�s better that you both have a take on it to not raise your expectations too high and only get frustrated in the end. Always consult with the other when it comes to decorating.

Come into terms. 

There will be a case where you hate what they like and vice versa but don�t be too dramatic and against about it. Be sure that you both meet one another�s terms and conditions.

You need to be flexible. You should know by now that not everything you want will be followed, it�s a give and take process so be sure you compromise and settle in dispute. If you want to bring in your old coffee table but the other despises it, you can make a deal that she can bring in her old dining set only if you can keep the coffee table. If you both can�t agree on it, maybe it�s time to go shopping for a new dining set and coffee table. Be fair.

Flip a coin. 

Either that or do rock, paper, scissors for a fair game. This could be your very last resort if you could not really agree and come into a common ground.

A simple coin toss or one round of the classic game can be a fair tie breaker. Whenever you both can�t agree on one or more things and are both indecisive, play this game and set up and agreement or rules every round you win that is still both favorable one way or another to avoid any further complications. Winning a coin toss is an advantage but don�t use it to overpower the other. Still, be considerate.

Pull it together.

With compromise, giving and taking and coming into good terms favorable to one another, you now have a nice-looking and very well-put together abode.

Now that you decided to ditch the coffee table and buy a new one you both like, place the centerpiece that will make the room more interesting and eye-catching. Certain sacrifices result into a one great shared-home you both pulled off nicely. You might have not agreed on everything but the end result, coin toss and sacrifices will be worth it.

Do always remember, building a strong foundation and relationship with your roomie is a must to achieve a relaxing living space. Have any more suggestions and ideas? Share it with us and comment below! 

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Chie Suarez never gets tired of looking at open-house models and searching home decor and design ideas. She also writes for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions.

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