Flooring Design Ideas for Every Room in Your House

When it comes to designing your home, your flooring will play a key role in tying your whole design together. Not only that, your floor tiles will draw the eyes to the rest of the room and may even be the most exciting element of the entire area. Now with endless choices for designs and tiles, there�s no need to play it safe and stick to typical colour schemes and designs. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional design, there�s lots of ways for you to show your style off through these floor design ideas.

What You Should Know About Tile Flooring

We�re all drawn to pretty things that catch our eyes. Even though it�s easy to choose floor tiles based on how they look like, don�t let appearances sway you. You should consider where these tiles will be placed, how much foot traffic there will be and if the material is appropriate for your space. Let�s take for example the bathroom; even though wooden tiles are gorgeous, you wouldn�t want to use them as your bathroom tiles. Since ceramic tiles are super durable and suited for rooms that see a lot of moisture, that�d be the better choice for the bathroom.

So, do choose tiles that catch your eye and suit your style. But don�t forget to find out if the tiles are appropriate for the room you�re thinking of placing them in. With that in mind, let�s talk about the floor design ideas you can tie into different rooms in your home.

Warm Up Your Living Room With These Floor Design Ideas

The living room is one of the spaces in your home where guests will spend a lot of time in. When you�re lounging around or entertaining your friends, you want to ensure your living room is an inviting and cozy space.  You can stick to dark or light wooden tiles as these tiles naturally convey a classy, warm feeling. You�re not bound to just solid coloured tiles, though. Ever considered patterned wooden tiles? You can find many beautiful designs of colourful patterned wooden floor tiles that you can easily install in your living room. From classic to funky geometric patterns, you can add both warmth and zest with these tiles.  

Make a Big Impression in Your Entrance Way

It�s always said that first impressions matter when you first meet people, and the same could be said for your home. Right when someone steps through your entrance way, that�s your chance to make them say wow. If you want to grab someone�s attention, pick a statement floor design. Since this is the first space someone will see in your home, the design will set the tone and feeling for the rest of your home.

One way to make a statement in your entrance way is to use less common shaped tiles. Have you thought about using penny round tiles or triangular tiles? You can pick small or large tiles�it all depends if you want a clean, modern look or a busier appearance for your entrance way. Don�t forget that you can add more texture and warmth with a carpet that leads into the rest of your home.
Since people will always be crossing through your entrance way, consider ceramic or porcelain tiles as they�re strong enough to endure lots of foot traffic and outdoor conditions.

Mix & Match Floor Tile Colours & Sizes in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom already looks neutral or simple, liven it up with stunning floor tiles. Create an eclectic look with multi-coloured tiles. You don�t have to settle on one colour or one size. Mixing tile colours and dimensions will definitely refresh an otherwise dull bathroom. Another option for your floors is to use mosaic tiles with different shades of an accent colour.

Remember how we mentioned that wooden tiles in a bathroom wouldn�t be a good idea earlier? Fear not, it�s still possible to tie in the look of wood into your bathroom with porcelain tiles that are made to look like wood. They provide you with the charming appearance of wood but with the durability of porcelain (these tiles are technically porcelain tiles). These tiles are ideal for bathrooms since they�re easy to clean and are made to last.  

As you can see, there are so many ways to design your floor in your home. There�s a lot of opportunity to make an impression in every room of your home. Since the floors cover such a large area of your home, it�s important to select tiles that suit your tastes, lifestyle and needs. That way, you�ll be on your way to design a picture perfect home with beautiful, long-lasting tiles.

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