How to use fabrics in your home decor

When it comes to fabrics factoring into your home decor, you may think it only comes into play when discussing furniture. Past that, fabrics are a concern for your wardrobe, not your living room. But fabrics are actually a great tool for giving you options when it comes time to redecorate practically any room in your home.

Below, we�ve compiled just some of the ways you can use fabric in new and creative ways to transform your living room, kitchen or bedroom. 


We�ll start with a practical idea first, and one you may have put into practice before. Sometimes, even the best of furniture can use a pick me up. You couch is still super comfy, but years of wear and tear have taken its toll. But before you consider throwing it out, why not try upholstering it?

If you have the time and resources, you find you can pretty quickly give your furniture a quick makeover. Recovering chair seats, foot stools, and even couches isn�t excessively difficult if you can follow an online guide.

As an added benefit, you can use a fabric you�ve always wanted to have in your home. If you chairs don�t match your current style, find a fabric that does and transplant it for the old cover. Your imagination is really your only limit here. 


Going a little more traditional, throws are a great, inexpensive way to change up yourroom a little bit over the course of a year. When the weather starts to get chilly, you can bring out the throws and drape them over the sofa, chairs, and tables. Then, when the weather heats up again, just the act of removing them changes up the room dynamic again.

Similar to re-upholstery, throws also open up doors for creative in your fabric use. Synthetic furs, exotic leathers, or just bright colours otherwise missing from the design can now be added, without the worry that they won�t suit the room year round. 

Ceiling fillers 

Did you know that India is the second biggest exporter of silk in theworld? It is perhaps why you will find fabrics used for decoration more commonly in their culture than ours. Silk is a wonderful material in many ways, but its home decor potential is vastly under explored.

For example, if you want to make your ceiling pop, consider draping silk across it. It creates a wonderful, almost romantic addition to your bedroom, as the soft material hangs in waves across the whole room. For big rooms, you could also consider fixing silk to a central point, and then span out to the edges of the room. 

Fabric art 

Really want to push the boat out? Then why not give fabric art a try? Instead of adorning your walls with paintings and photographs, you could instead use pictures made from different fabrics, like leathers, silks, or wool. Think hand stitched pictorial rugs, or sewed pieces of art. Anything more tactile than the usual fare is both unique and better at catching the eye & starting a conversation.

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