New idea on where to put your fireplace

For a long time, fireplaces have been the a living room staple. In fact, a living room without a fireplace is almost immediately jarring to anybody entering it for the first time. They come in all shapes and sizes - big, ornate models that dominate the room, so small electric fireplaces compact enough to be hung from the wall.

But why are they so often restricted to just the living room?

With advances in fireplace technology, the need to have it connected to a gas line or something similar has dissipated. Now, fireplaces can go wherever you want them, within reason. So today we are going to explore the possibilities of where else in your home you could elect to place a fireplace. These all open up new avenues for interior decorators to explore. 


Perhaps the most common alternative to the living room fireplace, a fireplace in the kitchen makes some practical sense. If, for example, you don�t have central heating in your kitchen, the fireplace is a better alternative to warming the room using the hob on the over. It�s more efficient for one, and much better looking.

You can also look into the possibility of using an open flame fire for cooking. Though this isn�t a good idea for traditional fireplaces, so open pit fireplaces have been built with this in mind. Now you can BBQ some food even when the weather is bad! 


A fireplace in the bathroom seems wrong on paper - water + fire? Seems problematic. But again, technology has caught up and overtaken this basic problem thanks to hole in the wall fireplaces.

These fireplaces are inset into a wall, and then protected by a glass frontage. Now that water can�t get in, you don�t need to worry about water and fire mixing. Instead, you can enjoy the added warmth and accentuated atmosphere that comes with a fireplace in the bathroom. There are downsides, sure, but it will almost certainly be unique to your bathroom, at least amongst your friends. And who doesn�t want to stand out from the crowd? 


Whilst a fireplace in a bathroom can create a certain atmosphere, it is more geared towards luxury and relaxation. A fireplace in a bedroom does something similar, but adds a new atmosphere to the mix - romance.

In every clich�d romantic movie ever, there is a shot of the star crossed lovers in front of a fireplace. Now you can recreated that visual in your own home. The added benefit that if you wake up on a cold Monday morning (a much less romantic situation), it can still come in handy, as it can be turned on much easier than the central heating can, meaning you never need leave your own bed.

Now you have some new options to consider. If you go wall hung fireplaces, the price isn�t even that steep either. It is certainly something to consider if you feel like certain rooms in your house could do with a little jazzing up.

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