Overcoming the Clutter in Your Home

Clutter is an ever-expanding problem for a lot of well-meaning homeowners. People like to collect things, bring these things into their living space and then find it difficult to let go of even a fraction of the stuff they own. Soon items turn into piles and piles of things. As they amass more, the space inside their home is consumed by the mess they own. Before they know it, their home ends up being less suitable as a living space. Science even recently recognized compulsive hoarding as one of the actual disorders, so for some, this problem can be quite serious. To remedy this problem, it is important to take a structured approach to addressing all the clutter filling up a person's home. 

Start in the Garage 

When a homeowner fills their garage to maximum capacity with stuff, this will typically leave little or no storage space to work with. Some say that the garage becomes easy to think of as a sort of limbo where things go as a person avoids deciding on what to do with them. Often the items that get crammed into a garage end up being objects a person likely has no use for anymore. Toys, baby items, broken lawn mowers and other useless junk takes up so much room that the car must now remain outside in the driveway. When going through a garage, it is important to take note of items that a person no longer needs. Passing these items off to others who can use them is always a great way to create some additional space. Halling off items that are broken, which a person knows they are unlikely ever going to spend the time fixing, will also help to reduce the clutter. As more and more items find their way out of the garage, it becomes possible to make room for the family car again. 

Liberating Your Closets 

A closet is intended for the organized storage of clothing and other important items. Often a closet ends up being stuffed full of boxes and clothing that people never wear anymore. Taking a day to go through one's hangers, trying on clothing and tossing what a person no longer wears anymore helps to get a closet back in functional order. Going through old boxes and asking why a person is holding on to items that have remained all boxed up for years is also a useful organizational exercise that helps people determine if they really need to keep items they never touch. It is certainly okay to hold on to a few items, but a person should develop a value system for determining which items deserve a space in their closet and which do not. By liberating a closet, this frees up storage space for other important items that a person should be keeping long-term. 

Attacking Other Sources of Clutter 

Once the garage and closets have been cleaned and their contents organized, the next step is to start going through other rooms of a home. People will imagine that they can control the clutter inside their home by moving it to the garage. But, doing this will only serve to re-clutter the garage again. It is best to avoid simply shifting the clutter from one area to another. According to this source, it is important to adopt creative methods for decluttering areas of a home. One way to go about doing this is to find one thing in a person's home each day and simply give it away or organize a yard sale. Alternatively, grabbing a trash bag and simply filling it with items a person does not use or want anymore is another way to take steps towards getting the clutter out of a home. Because decluttering a home can be stressful for some individuals, it is important to remind one's self that reducing the clutter and organizing what is left over is a good thing. Seeing the benefit of taking control of the mess will go a long way in making the process far more painless. 

Systematic Reduction and Reorganization of Stuff 

As things find their way out of a home, the additional space created is not an excuse to buy more stuff with which to fill it. Rather, it is important to start adopting a habit of continuing to get rid of clutter to keep one's life simple. The items that remain, those which a person needs and uses, should then be organized in their proper place. Shelves, bins, and other organizational tools, such as an external backyard storage units help to keep a person's things in their proper place. If something has no proper place, chances are this is a sign that the item is nothing more than clutter in disguise. 


When a person declutters and organizes their home, this will often bring a much needed sense of accomplishment. It is a good feeling to know that a person's house is in order once again. Making a regular effort to maintain this state of control over a person's home will help to keep other aspects of their life organized as well.

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