The French Door - A Versatile Choice

When it comes to doors, few options can come close to the beauty of the French door. Despite being introduced as early as the 17th century, it remains one of the most popular types of exterior doors today. A French door is commonly used as the primary entry door to a home, but did you know that it can also be used as a secondary entry door for your patio? This is all thanks to a construction that imparts incredible versatility to the door.

What makes a French door versatile?

Because it typically features transparent panels (also known as lites), a French door provides a good view of both sides of an entryway, meaning it can act as a physical divider to separate indoor and outdoor areas in your home while still seamlessly connecting them. A number of material options are also available to you. Pick out the right one and you not only match your French door to your home but give your exteriors a boost as well.`

Not just for show

Of course, a French door's versatility doesn't come from its looks alone. As an exterior door, it can let plenty of natural light in, helping improve your home's overall energy efficiency by letting you take advantage of daylighting. Add multi-pane glass to a French door and you can further reduce energy consumption in your home as it helps improve overall insulation, which keeps heating and cooling needs stable. It also doesn�t hurt that multi-pane glass can offer great noise reduction, making it ideal for homes along busy streets. Want more privacy? Consider breaking up glass areas with grilles or have window treatments like curtains installed.

Built differently

Because conditions inside a home can be different from the outside, an exterior French door may have a few features not found in most interior doors. For example, an exterior French door will put more premium on withstanding the elements and other outdoor threats so it will focus on using heavy-duty materials and protective coating. Keep in mind that size will also dictate how well a French door will function as an exterior door. To ensure that it can accommodate all traffic, an exterior French door must be big enough. Don�t forget to ensure as well that your French door has enough space and clearance around it for proper operation.

Take advantage of professional work          

French doors can offer you a lot as exterior doors but you also have to first ensure that you pick the right one for your home and that they are installed right before you can reap their benefits, utilizing manufacturer warranties included. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding using French doors as entry doors for your home, don�t hesitate to talk to a local contractor to get the assistance you require. Professionals have the skills and experience you need to help you find the right French door for you so you�ll be in good hands.

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Certified by the Building Performance Institute, Robert Jackson leads Renewalby Andersen of Atlanta's top window and door replacement team, bringing with him over 12 years of experience in the industry. When he�s not sharing his experiences through the company blog, he likes spending his free time doing woodwork and photography. 

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