Turn Your Garage into the Vehicle Repair and Storage Space You've Always Wanted

There are a variety of uses for your home's garage. Most of the time, it becomes the catch-all for everything that has no place in the home. That doesn't mean that it has to be a chaotic mess of sports equipment, tools and gardening gear. There are easy ways to turn your garage into a functional space that can serve a vital purpose. 

Makeover the Garage into a Vehicle Repair Space 

If you want to turn the garage into a place to store and work on your car, you'll need a few essentials in the space. If there isn't a garage on your property that is a suitable place to work on a car, Shedsn Homes has over a dozen types of garages for your needs. The garages are constructed with a sturdy Australian Blue Scope Steel sheeting that can withstand any kind of environmental elements. You could opt for a garage with one roller door like the Albury Garage for one vehicle, or a garage with three roller doors like the Geelong Shed for storing and working on more than one vehicle. 

Storage Options for a Clean Garage 

Before you can turn your garage into a place for your vehicle maintenance, you have to corral the chaos. With the purchase of storage solutions like a bike rack, sports racks, baskets and hooks, the garage can be organized to make room for the vehicle to be repaired. Often, kids will toss their equipment into the garage or shed because they have no idea where to put their belongings. If you provide storage solutions, they will respect their equipment as well as the space. 

The Importance of a Car Lift 

It can be difficult to work on your car if you don't have a car lift. A hydraulic jack can be used in the garage and stored out of the way in the future when not in use. It's convenient if you'd like the garage to serve more than one purpose. If you have a space that is dedicated to repairs, you can have a car lift installed that doesn't have to be stored. 

Is it a Repair Garage Without an Air Compressor? 

There are many tools that are more convenient to use when they're powered by an air compressor. You can use the compressor to keep your tires filled too. If you mount the hose to the ceiling, it can easily be used anywhere inside the garage that you need. Sometimes, mounting the hose isn't possible. In that case, you can use a portable compressor. 

Everything Including the Sink 

When you're using the garage to repair a vehicle, you might find yourself in need of a sink. That's especially true when you've got grease covering arms from fingertips to elbows. To keep the grease from transferring to the home, you'll need to wash up in the garage. 


A workbench is vital for storing tools in a convenient, organized space. There's nothing worse than needing a tool that you can't find because it's a disorganized mess in the garage. With a workbench, you can also have a flat surface for small projects. With added lighting over the workbench, working on those small projects will be much easier.

You don't have to be a full-time mechanic to have a garage dedicated to vehicle repairs. With the right garage, you can have room for more than one vehicle, a space for repairs and room for storing the family's bikes and sports equipment. There's no reason that your garage can't be everything you've ever wanted it to be.

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