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Standing out with your art installations and decorations at home can be a little tricky. With the rise of big interior design high street stores, it can be a little tough to find something truly unique. You could always use tried and trusted avenues of photos and family portraits, but you may feel this is a little outplayed.

The solution? Track down more unique decorative items online. there is a wealth of option out there for you to find, all of which could be a real game changer in the right setting. We�ve put together a list of five of our favourites, just to give you a taste. 

Living paintings 

Sounds odd, right? We just dismissed painting as a choice, and they are the first thing to crop up here. Well, the word �painting� is misleading in this context - what we�re advocating for here are screens that play videos and the like.

Similar in concept to digital photo frames, these living paintings can depict whatever you want them to. Rolling scenes of nature footage, family holiday videos, or even just digital paintings animators have made. These don�t need to be HD monoliths - small, compact screens are actually better for the job, as they cost less upfront and in energy consumption. 

Unconventional mirrors
Mirrors not doing it for you anymore? An �out there� option you could explore are mirrors that differ in some way from the norm. And we don�t just mean �mirrors with big, elaborate frames� here.

Instead, look for mirrors cut in unique shapes. Other options include mirror clustered (collections of tiny mirrors), �shattered� effect mirrors (that give the appearance of a fragmented mirror) or even a fun house mirror, which will be good for a laugh every time you or your guests walk past it. 

Tree trunks 
House plants are often used as interior decoration pieces, but trees are a little more rare. We�re not suggesting you grow a palm tree in your bathroom or anything, but cut up tree trunks can make for interesting wall space fillers.

A big trunk cutting, seasoned and polished, can make for a great conversation starter, and can be big enough to fill a whole wall. Just make sure the cutting is sourced responsibly. 

Thumb print paintings 
On the opposite end of the scale from taking a big tree and cutting it down to a convenient size, why not add a unique family decoration by scaling your thumb prints up? Simply scan them into a computer, and enlarge them. This may be enough, but if you really want to push the boat out and get artsy, you could use the thumb print as a stencil for a painting.

Bunch your family�s prints together, and you have a truly unique �family portrait�! 

String art 

Going all the way with the artistic creation, string art is a relatively simple and inexpensive way of creating art. The practice involves pushing pins through a canvas, in the shape of something (a heart, card suits, etc.). Then, you criss-cross string between the pins to fill the shape in, With the heart example, you would just pin red string from one pin to the next, over and over again. You end up with an art piece that really pops off of the wall.

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