4 Tips to Help You Transform Nursery to Toddler�s Room

As parents, there comes a time of transition when you have to upgrade nursery into a toddler bedroom, but most of the parents have no clue how to do so. If you want to capitalise on this moment, you need to think something better than replacing the baby crib with a bed and introducing a side table in place of diaper table. In fact, you can make your children really happy by creating a colourful, playful and convenient bedroom space for them. So, here we are with these 4 Tips to Help You Transform Nursery to Toddler�s Room.

1. Furniture upgradation 

It�s about time to say goodbye to that aging crib along with changing table. Replace them with some toddler-ish furniture items that might make your kid happy as well as convenient. If your kid loves a particular theme or cartoon character (like spider-man, ben10 or Cinderella), nowadays you can find beds shaped and designed in such characters and themes. And look for furnitureaccessories that can grow with your kids, helping to spark their creativity, able to serve them for a long period of time without boring them out; for example, a mini workstation or bench.

2. Get creative to improvise storage options

Growing up of kids has many (read countless!) dimensions to it, and one of them is the unstoppable accumulation and growth of stuff including clothes, toys, books, stuffed animals, Lego blocks and what not. So, it is quite imperative to get creative and to improvise the best possible storage solutions for kids� bedrooms. Luckily, you can have plenty of options nowadays, ranging from l shaped bunk beds with storage to built-in closets and cabinets. You can also consider loft beds with workstation underneath them to help your kids get organised in their study-related stuff.

3. Decals decoration

Decorative decals can help you add some real kid-character in children�s bedroom, whether you choose to go with your kid�s favourite superheroes or some whimsical trees. Ultimately, these will serve to add great fun and creativity in a place meant for kids. One of the best things about decals decoration is that they can be applied conveniently without the fear of having them forever, because these are not permanent. It�s quite obvious that as children grow up; their interests and passions also undergo a transformation, so you might remove them when the time is right.

4. Keep it balanced as well

Sometimes due to inexperience or overexcitement in decorating a place for their kids, parents end up producing an overly juvenile ambiance in the bedroom. It is better to keep things balanced when decorating and designing for kids� bedrooms. Experts suggest going for more classic child patterns like polka dots and stripes, an ambiance that can stay with them for some coming years without looking too childish after a couple of years. 


Though we are already living in a fast paced world, but after kids become a part of your life, it really gets on a roll. You won�t even believe how quickly time passes by till your little angel or fairy turns into a quickly growing toddler. So, you better be ready for such a transition, keeping these helpful tips into consideration. 

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