4 Valuable Home D�cor Tips From Fictional Homes

There are big homes, small homes, holiday homes, the first home, and then there are the homes in the TV shows we watched day in and day out. If I could put the awesome parts of these homes together then I would probably create a home with a kitchen like Monica�s, a drawing room like the Simpsons , a bedroom like Barney Stinson and a spare room like the Addams�s  family.

I find that inspiration often lurks in the most unlikely of places and for the new generation of first time home owners what better inspiration than the shows you have loved for the past decade? Here are four of my home d�cor tips inspired by popular TV shows.  

  An open kitchen is a great way to maximize space

      The undying love for the TV show Friends does not stop with season 10. At some point or another everyone has dreamed about living in a space that looks just like Monica�s apartment. The apartment is actually a relatively small 2 BHK but looks so much bigger due to the clever use of space. This would be an interesting concept to incorporate into a home in Mumbai, probably with some expert help from the residential interior designers in Mumbai.
      The open kitchen keeps the apartment from looking cluttered and lets Monica cook up a storm while chatting with her friends. The cool colours make it look like a traditional kitchen perfect for someone who loves to cook, in contrast to the warm colours of the furniture which make it look welcoming and perfect for family meals.

        When in doubt keep it simple!

      The show that brought many giggles to every household also surprisingly teaches us how to design our living rooms with minimal furniture.
      The use of large pieces of furniture and plain walls show you how a simple room can be made to look spacious. It also shows you how to make a space look warm, comforting and homely with a minimalist aesthetic. A comfortable rug in the middle and the TV and sofa on opposite walls leaves enough space for the family to gather in.  One large photograph or painting is all you need to highlight your wall. Add a magazine rack for convenience and a few lamps for ambient lighting and voila! So the next time you plan on renovating your office space you know which animated house from Springfield to ask your office interior designers in Mumbai to take inspiration from.

      Neutral colours and monochrome are perfect for the bedroom

      The lady�s man with the high paying mystery job makes sure his room complemented his style. Barney Stinson�s room (How I Met Your Mother) was perfect for his many adventures and classy enough to woo them.

       Vintage is in Vogue

        �Black is a happy color�, the Addams family seem to have got it right with the use of classy antique furniture with an achromatic base.

        The family has a spare room as big as a house which reflects their inimitable sense of style. Creative antique furniture, huge couches and soft rugs are the recipe for luxury. If you are thinking opulence then nothing spells it louder than going vintage. Scrounge around for antique furniture, get it refurbished for a plush look at a minimal cost. If you wish to incorporate these styles in your home then you should hire one of the famous interior designers in Mumbai to transform your house into a luxurious apartment! 

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