7 tips decorators would like you to know

Our home is the ultimate investment we worked hard for and dreamed of. It�s one of the best gifts we can provide for ourselves and our families. That is also why we spend a vast amount of money to bring out the best in our homes and to illustrate our own personality along.

With the expensive cost of building a home or buying one, there could no longer be budget left to hire an interior designer and/or decorator to take over the inside of your home. Now, don�t panic yet because you can be your own decorator!

Are you ready to take the day (could be weeks or a month!) off to focus on your home design and decor? Before you begin, take note of these tips, tricks and hacks decorators definitely want you to know.

Mix new with the old.

We know, everyone knows, that what you�re leaning towards in terms of design and decor is modernism; keeping up with the trend.

Don�t forget your exterior.

Homeowners and renters usually go all out with their furnitures, wall decals, paint and decor, chic organizers, cabinets and the likes. The interior without a doubt look eclectic, but what happened to your dull exterior?

Your exterior is what your guests� first gives and impression to; it�s where they conclude whether or not they want to see what�s inside. Think of it as the packaging of an item. Would you open it if the packaging itself looks like trash? Make a statement and make your front exterior look inviting by, for instance; painting your door a bold color, putting flower pots and planting flower in your front porch, etc.

Master the lighting. 

The lighting makes or breaks a space. Yes, you may have a well-designed and well-structured living room but with the lack of natural light to give emphasis to the certain areas, it won�t really look that much appealing.

You highlight and contour your face to showcase those cheekbones, emphasize your bone structure and just look overall amazing; it�s much like highlighting the best areas of your home. Let natural lighting travel through your space. It�s also a great way to make a small space seem larger and airy.

Go neutral on large furnitures.

That cute pastel chair will look great in your home office. That large bright yellow sofa? Don�t even think about it.

Emboss your personality. 

Every home has its own personality and it reflects the owners�. Don�t go by the book when trying to decorate, put your heart into it.

You mustn't forget that you�re not designing and decorating for your guests and what other people will think of it, you should design for yourself and family. Put your family portraits on display, your son�s superhero figures collections exhibited in his own room and let your craft show.

The perfect rug size.

People think buying a rug is just as easy as choosing a floor mat, if you think similarly, you�re wrong.

People tend to buy smaller rugs that needed. Invest in a good quality rug that one size larger than your seating area size, the size you end up with is surely the appropriate size rug for your home.

A focal point is a must.

Sure this may mean nothing to you but designating a unique piece that is definitely eye-catching can make a great impression.

Whether it be a nice lamp shade, a structured chandelier, colorful stool, out of the ordinary centerpiece, a large artwork and the likes; it�s an effective technique to stylize a room with subtlety.
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Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

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