Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating systems are the future of heating systems. The perks like saving energy and lowered bill rates come along with the installation of solar water heater in your home. Use the free heat from the sun and get warm domestic water, 24x7.

A typical solar water heater comprises of solar panels that are fitted onto the roof. This is responsible for collecting heat from the sun rays, which ultimately heats up the stored water. The heated water is collected in a different cylinder and can be connected with a boiler if you want to further increase the temperature. This might not save your entire bill but will play a big role in decreasing your annual energy bills effectively.
Let�s introduce you to some of the advantages of installing a solar water heater in your home.

    Lower Carbon Footprint

The accumulation of carbon related gases in the atmosphere is the world�s leading cause of global warming. If you�re wondering, how to play a small role in making this world a better place, then solar water heater is the way to go.

     Lower Energy Bills

The main reason that more and more residents are opting for this option is the fact that it saves you big bucks on electricity bills. You might not see significant changes in your monthly energy bills, but if you compare the annual records, you will see an astonishing decrease in your energy bills. Hot water is something that is always required in a home, especially during the winter season. Catering to the needs of every hot water needs of every person of the house can take a big toll on our savings. Now, save all that up with a simple installation of solar water heater.

      Low Maintenance

After the initial investment, the maintenance cost of a solar water heater is very low. Most come with a five-year guarantee and requires little upholding. Get it checked from a good plumber in Durham from time to time, and you will rarely encounter a problem with a solar water heater.

     Hot Water All Year Long

This system is functional all year long and with the availability of sunlight, you can easily need water at great temperatures for everyday use. Whether it is winters or summers, you will always get hot water, at all times.
If you�re looking for some water heater repair in Durham, then trusted plumbers like One Call Plumbing are available to solve your every trouble with ease. Get this amazing environmental-friendly water heater installed in your home, and save the world and your energy bill. 

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