Designing a Perfect Home Garage

A car, a lawnmower, a toolbox, a couple of stray screws left outside the toolbox, a selection of garden tools, a ginormous shelf that is half-empty because most of your stuff is on the floor and, finally, a huge box labeled �Childhood Memories� you do not want to open ever again. This is a simplified list of things that one can find in an average garage nowadays � the content may vary from one owner to another, but that is the gist. If your garage looks like this as well, it is high time you did something about it. You can make it bigger, taller, wider and more spacious, or you can design a new one and build it from scratch. Here are a couple of suggestions you might take into consideration when trying to find more room in your existing garage.

More Space Equals More Comfort
The dimensions of your garage are best measured by the size of your car and whether you have one, two or more vehicles. Since most families own two cars, at least in the USA, it is important to have a garage that will accommodate both of them and still leave room around them.
However, what happens if your garage can house your cars, but nothing else? All garages need some walking around space and there has to be at least 20 inches between your car � which is usually parked in the centre of the garage � and the walls stacked with shelves. 

Adjusting the Height

If you, nevertheless, cannot seem to find enough room in your garage, you should think about going up and raising its height. If your garage is also a storage space, the best thing to do is install shelves high up the walls � this will leave a ton of space on the ground and allow you to fit all your stuff.
Higher garages are also great for people driving vehicles that are slightly higher than the others � perhaps you started visiting truck sales recently and are thinking about purchasing a new model. In this case, your old garage will not do, but it will have to be modified. 

The Perfect Entrance

Just because some garages are not physically connected to a house does not mean that they should not be decorated and designed properly. Among the things a number of people pay close attention to are the doors and the windows. While the former are quite simple to choose � just pick the windows that will bring in the most light yet still protect your privacy � the choice of a door is slightly more complicated.

Even though it looks rather complex, a garage door opener is a simple mechanism that will bring comfort into your everyday life. This system allows you to remain in your car until you have parked it into the garage, which is more than helpful during the winter and cold mornings, especially if you have a residential garage. 

Even More Storage Space
If these alternations do not manage to ensure you enough storage space, you can always install attic storage trusses. These will give your garage a whole new look and make it more robust, but also provide a ton of new space. Be careful what you store here and try to pick the most sensitive items that need extra protection against humidity and cold. 

The Outcome
After you have made these changes to your garage, you will notice that it not only looks newer, but it is also more functional. You will finally have enough room for your car and your tools � plus, there will be enough walking space as well.

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