Dual Flush Toilets: The New Cutting Edge Design

The dual flush toilets are a new trend that is sweeping every nation worldwide. It gives you multiple options to flush, which allows you to save water and is more convenient than the simple one. You will also end up saving bundles of money on your water bill and you will do your part for the environment.

The two types of flushes are: Low mode and high mode flush. As per your requirements, you can use any of these modes to send the package down the drain with ease. A recent study has shown that the use of dual flush toilets will save up to 67% more water and will be beneficial in those areas where water is in scarcity. Many nations like Australia, where getting fresh water is a challenge have passed a rule to install flush with dual power only.

This industry is growing exponentially and new technologies are being invented to attract more users. Apart from growing concern about the state of our environment, you will also end up saving big bucks yearly on your water bills. The mechanism used in this type of flush is different for each mode. When medium one is chosen, the flush automatically stops the flow of water after a certain amount is dispensed. This is a very good way of saving water and making sure your flushing experience is not suffering. You can also cut down on �misflushes� and ensure that no water is wasted while you�re using it.

The designs are cutting edge and visually appealing. Newer models and push/pull features have made using dual flush more acceptable by larger audience. The plumbing part of this flush is tricky and requires an experienced plumber in Durham to help you achieve the p[perfect setting for your dual flush. It requires double plumbing connections and the interior adjustments are also a challenge and should only be handled by a well-trained plumber near you. 

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