Game-changing elements your home is missing

Just when you thought you have had everything laid out: the perfect carpet that matches your walls and living room structure, the missing painting that can make a drastic change on an empty wall and the soothing aroma that seamlessly captures the very essence of your comforting home. There always seem to be something missing.

Perhaps there are are few things missing that your already figured out but still unsure whether or not to include them in your home? If you feel there�s something your home lacks of, think deeply and figure out what it is. It could be a great game-changer. 


Can�t sleep either when it�s black out dark or too bright? Need a light fixture that can offer a more relaxed and calm atmosphere? The answer here is: install a dimmer.

Most frequent times, you just want to breathe a fresh air or just something new to update your home. In this case -- a dimmer. Dimmers can majestically dramatize your home with just a shifting of light. Controlling the brightness of your light can astonishingly transform your home atmosphere.

Your favorite and most valuable artwork.

An artwork that could be your own creation, given to your as a gift or something bought. Nowadays, artworks hanging in today�s houses serves little to no sentimental value; instead it is only put on display for the reason that it�s beautiful and it looks good as a �display�.

Although that reasoning is acceptable, putting on display a piece that has a significant value to you and letting your guests have a crystal clear sight of it can step up your home�s value as well as the artwork itself. These creations last for a lifetime and its impact -- what it speaks to you -- deserves to be heard and seen by other people whenever you welcome them into your home.

A bold pop of color.

Neutral color palette are unarguably calming and the best choice if you want to feel safe and don�t want to risk an unpleasant shade or purple colored wall.

A structured and statement display.

Now, this could be your artwork; a painting, statue, sculpture, furniture, table and the likes. It doesn�t have to be groundbreaking and beautiful. Catching people�s attention and instantly drives people�s eyes into the object -- making it the centerpiece is enough to be a statement display.

An antique or vintage piece.

An antique or vintage item can transform your home and almost instantly bring your back in the mid-century era.

In spite of it being out of date and created centuries or decades ago, a piece like this in a way brings a modern touch in a consistently updating world -- it is timeless and never wears out of trend.


This has been said a million times: plants makes a house more alive and permanent. Regardless if you�re only renting, in a dorm, living with a roommate or actually have your own house; plants bring a sense of outdoors indoors.

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Chie Suarez is a passionate writer/blogger for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie likes watching TV series and movies, is inclined to music and has a deep interest in home design and decoration. 

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