Modern Bathroom Vanities - Making the Perfect Choice and Adding To the Decor

If you are looking to spruce-up your bathroom, installing new vanities would be a great option. Modern bathroom vanities dictate the overall look and d�cor of your bathroom and also add to its functionality. Whether you want to revamp your bathroom at one go or do it piece by piece vanities offer you a lot of options. With different designs, styles and colors sky is the limit as far as your bathroom remodeling project is concerned. So how do you make the perfect choice? Here we shall take a look at a few important considerations that will help you add elegance to your bathroom remodeling project.

Get the Perfect Fit 

Space is a big concern when you go out shopping for bathroom vanities and if you don�t get the fit right it not only spoils the d�cor, it can also makes your life uncomfortable in the bathroom. You must start by measuring the dimensions of the bathroom and also consider the amount of storage space that you are looking for. There are three things that you must consider width, height and depth. While judging the width is often easy, for the height you need to consider the height of the mirror or the medicine cabinet that you would like to install. Getting the depth right can be tricky , if you have a large bathroom you can go for any size for narrower you need to consider opening of the entry doors, shower doors etc.

Choice of Mounting Options        

Here you need to choose one that fits your preferences and tastes. You would basically have three options to choose from. First free standing or standard vanities which are more like a chest and offer you maximum storage space. Secondly you can opt for wall-mounted or hanging which do not have any legs touching the ground and give a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Corner mounted vanities are your third choice and these let you maximize the use of space available in the corners.

Hardware & Wood Type  

This is one thing that people often ignore when they get attracted towards the design and style of the vanities. Vanities are subject to water, moisture, soap etc. and hence you must invest on a material that can easily withstand these and is easy to clean and maintain. So zero in on a wood that is known for being resistant to all these and it will serve you for years to come without losing its elegance. As far as the hardware is concerned read the descriptions well and check out the kinds of drawers and doors that are included in the vanities. For large bathrooms you can choose vanities that come in parts where a large vanity would be accompanied by two smaller ones.

Type of Sink

While choosing vanities it is also important to consider the type of sink you want in the bathroom. There are basically three different types of sinks that are common in the modern bathroom � under mount, self-rimming and vessel sink. While each of these have their own pros and cons you need to make sure the vanities perfectly blend with the sinks to create a seamless finish. If you have any confusion in your mind you can talk to your retailer as they would be able to help you take a wise decision.

With these few considerations you would get your choice of vanities right. It is important for you to zero in on a company that offers you wide choice of options as far as vanities and wholesale kitchen cabinets are concerned. This will not only save you money but will also fulfill your dreams of a modern bathroom d�cor.

About the Author:
Sean Graham is a home d�cor expert and writes regular blogs on modern bathroom vanities and wholesale kitchen cabinets and how people should get their choice perfect.

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