Ornate Spaces: 6 Ways to Collect Trinkets for your Living Room

After you have selected the paint and arranged the furniture, your living room is not complete. To make this important space one that invites conversation and reflects your personality, you need to add something that sparks questions and that flows into discussion. One great way to achieve this is by displaying a collection of trinkets that provides a peek at your interests. Here are five things to consider when starting a collection for display.


Having a unified theme provides focus for your collecting and adds impact when displayed. A theme can be broad, such as vintage Halloween d�cor, or narrow, such as a series of collectible figurines from a particular maker or origin.

Shopping and looking for vintage or antique items can be a hunt and may require time at flea markets. In contrast, new collectible items may require that you stay informed of limited releases. You may have more opportunity to bargain for price with vintage trinkets than you will with new items.


You may want to take an unexpected approach to building a collection of trinkets and focus only on color. This kind of collection can be a lot of fun to display because everything is united by the color but also has variety of scale and shape.

In Use or Display Only

Consider if you want to build and display a collection that you also put to everyday use. You may choose to collect something that is wearable or used in some other way.  Things like lapel pins or brooches may fit into this category. Christmas decorations are fun to display when it gets cold outside. In particular, unique or rare items like snow flake ornaments or wax candles can also be considered.

Harmony or Discord
Your collection does not need to match the d�cor of your home. You may choose to collect trinkets that contrast from your decorative style or which represent an unexpected area of interest you have.  Contrasting ideas will create interesting conversations for family and friends.
Decorating your Walls with Your Collection

You can display even the smallest collection as long as the display is interesting. Individual shelves framed by painted squares have more of an impact than a collection on a table top. Because trinkets are often small, arrange multiple shelves (or hooks for hanging items) into a large square or other shape of your choice to occupy more wall space. This will mimic the presence of a single large wall piece and have much greater visual interest.

Displaying a collection of trinkets is an act in connecting with others. A collection displayed makes a statement about you and invites people to know you better. It invites questions and conversations while making a space truly yours.  This changes a place to live into a home.

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