Preparation List for a Perfect Christmas

Christmas time is here. Is seems like the year flew by and everything was last minute. Don�t let yourself get caught up like that again next year. Here�s a handy checklist that can help you prepare for the oncoming holiday craziness.

Three Months Out

This is generally when you�ll want to plan out any trips that your family plans on taking. Plot the road trip, buy the flight tickets, make the reservations, and figure out how to get your family to where they�re going. Conversely, if you�re hosting, now�s a good time to get a head count. You can never go wrong with a little early gift shopping.

Two Months Out
Now�s a good a time as any to buy the cards and wrapping paper. Most stores have just cleared away the Halloween items, so you�ll have the largest selection of Christmas cards to choose from. Also seeing as you�ll be baking for Thanksgiving anyway, now might be a good time to make anything that you can freeze for the holiday meals. Plain cookies and bread can be stored away for a while until needed.

The Beginning of the Month

Create the master gift list and start shopping. It�ll help if you have a budget in mind. Be sure to take advantage of any online deals at the beginning of the month. Up go the lights and the decorations, as no one�s judging early holiday decor at this point. Start up the holiday cards. A huge time saver is to wrap gifts as you buy them.

One Week In

Order the turkey or ham if you�re feeding a big enough family. Even if it arrives early it will be safe in the supermarket storage. Now�s the time to buy a live tree! Feel free to decorate it to your heart�s content. Make sure you�re good on wrapped presents and that the gift list is almost compete, if not totally finished.

The Week Before

This would be when you make sure you�ve got everything prepared and in order. Get all your ducks in a line. Deep clean your home for any company that�s coming over. Do you have the batteries for any children�s toys that will be opened? Or do you have enough plates and silverware? Shop for fresh ingredients and be sure your kitchen is prepared.

The Day Before
Now it�s showtime. Start the cooking now. Finish any last minute shopping. Make sure your video camera is charged and ready to go. Once everything is complete, sit down with your family and enjoy a nice mug of hot coco. You�ve earned it.

All in all, Christmas is so close. Not just in terms of proximity, but also in our hearts. So keep this list closeby for next year as well. Each xmas checklist is so different for different people, but it�s good to have a guideline. So plan for that Christmas ahead, and have yourself a very merry one.

Article written by Sean Mahan, also a writer for interias, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Twitter.

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