Review - Aromabotanical Fragrant Discs for Home

I love to feature home decorating products from various websites, Here I am showing things like Vaporiser candles with essential oils and natural diffusers. Candles are one of my favorite decorating accessory and it also work for functional uses.

This time we are featuring one of our favorite brand that is Aromabotanical - an Australia based home scent company. I decorate candles for enhancing home d�cor and for practical uses.

The discs are made out of ceramic. The material is shaped into a stamped circular ornament with a ribbon tied to it. This circle is then infused with beautiful fragrance. I received 4x in a box.

Top selling fragrances are:

Pear and Ginger

My most favorite is the Pear and Ginger mix. What's truly cool about these discs is that once it comes up short on "flavor" you can top up with the little jug of aroma that comes in every pack. 

That is by a long shot the coolest thing! The plates can be utilized to aroma your closet, drawers, material pantries and even the auto. Imbued with Australian-Made aroma, containing fundamental oils and unadulterated concentrates. 

What's more, now the part where I uncover a touch of how my closet looks. It is somewhat of a wreck! I would however have liked to demonstrate how the disc is hanging there, joined to a coat holder. Presently at whatever point I open my closet I am wonderfully amazed by the ravishing aroma that turns out. Enormous fan! I've slipped these plates into my other garments drawers. 

These discs prices are $9.95 for a pack of 12 (deal right?) and everyone keeps going up to 3 months including the aroma top up. Shop specifically on the Aroma Botanical online store with free shipping on orders over $100.

*This item was given to me for a review. All conclusions are from LiveShopTravel's, the blog entry is composed exclusively by Julia Kim Murphy. 

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