What to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

There are many things to consider in improving the look and functionality of your bathroom, which is why it is more difficult to keep yourself within the budget. If you are redesigning your bathroom, the first thing you should keep in mind is setting a budget. That way, you can figure out what you can afford once you start shopping. Make a list of your existing items and determine next whether you want to keep them or throw them away. Renovating your bathroom can be very costly, but it would be worth it if you plan ahead and make the right choices.

They say that the average cost to renovate a bathroom in Australia is $10,000 - $20,000 while others have done a simple renovation in under $5000. But before I talk numbers, here are some things to consider in redesigning your bathroom:


You don�t have to purchase new tiles If your existing ones are still in good condition. Before you start contacting tilers, the first thing you need to do is find the tiles you want and then get quotes from tilers because their quotes will depend on what type of tiles they�re going  to lay. Vinyl tile is the easiest to lay and cheaper while the ceramic tiling costs about $80 per square meter. However, ceramic tiles come in variety of colours and styles plus it�s durable and easy to clean.


The only way to avoid future inconveniences due to blocked drains and pipes; you have to make sure you are coordinating with the trustworthy local plumber in Sydney. This will help you avoid future headaches. It�s necessary to have someone you can rely on when it comes to installing your toilets, basins, and bath tubs. Keep in mind that your aim is preventing future trouble with your plumbing and electrical so make sure you get the best. 


A wide and flat wall mirror is more affordable and the installation is also minimal so you might want to choose that over the mirror cabinet. It will also make you bathroom look bigger. A semi-frameless shower screen is better because they�re more durable and won�t chip on the corners compared to the frameless ones. Also, the price difference is not too big. Fixtures and fittings would actually make or break your budget. This means you have to spend more on quality to avoid having falling shower head and dripping tap in the future. 

Light Fixtures

For safety reasons, a proper bathroom lighting, switches and exhaust fans should be handled by an electrician. If you are looking for budget lighting, standard LED oyster light would only cost you $50-$100 and it�s extremely energy efficient. For all-in-one solution for lighting, heating and exhaust functions, IXL 3in1 light/heater/fan fitting in Bunnings would be a good choice.

You might not be able to do everything at once, so take your time in choosing the best brands, style and materials. Do not try to do it yourself to avoid extra work in the long run. Seek help from licensed traders especially for plumbing and electricals and make sure to organize them in the correct order. The only thing you can probably attempt doing yourself would be removing and installing simple fixtures. Make a list of the things that will work on your bathroom before you go shopping. And lastly, expect that there will be delays and disasters along the way so make sure to coordinate with your tradies very well because misunderstandings cost money. Therefore, do you best and plan ahead.

Author: Twinkle Serrano-Dela Pena is a Marketing Strategist from Australia who loves exploring home improvement and residential & commercial plumbing solutions. She is currently collaborating with plumbing services Sydney.

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