7 Practical Fixes You Can Do Around Your House In Just Few Minutes!

Many people prefer to stay inside their houses during winter season.  There are families who take advantage of this situation doing quick fixes around their homes. For them, winter is the perfect time to do those things they failed to do during busy hours and hectic schedules.
If you and your family are looking for ways to be productive this winter season at home, below are few practical tips that you can do in just few minutes or so.

Fix tangled cable and cords.

If you have extra cables and cords around the house that are currently not in use, place them inside a clear container. Fix any twist or tangles that you will see so you can store them neatly. Use a twist tie cable to keep them in place if needed.

Fix squeaky hinges.
If you are annoyed with the squeaking sound created by your door, now is the perfect time to fix it! Spray a little WD-40 solution onto the hinges and move the door back and forth to work in the lubricant.  If WD-40 is not readily available, you can use petroleum jelly as your lubricating solution.

Fix peeling wallpaper.
Smear wallpaper paste onto a piece of clean paper. Rub the side of paper with paste at the underside of the peeling section. Press the wallpaper against the wall, slide the paper out and smooth away any bubbles.

Fix stained tub.

Mix equal amount of lemon juice, baking soda and cream of tartar to make a paste-like solution. Rub the mixture into the stained part of the tub using a soft cloth. Let it sit for an hour then rinse it well with water.

Fix stuck sliding windows.
Using some lubricant sprayed into a rag, wipe the sliding window tracks until it glides smoothly. Repeat this step as necessary.

Fix slamming doors.

Install pieces of peel and stick foam weather stripping at your doorstop. You can also use rubber band, wrap it around the doorknobs at both side without covering the latch.

Fix scuffed linoleum.
Using some toothpaste and a dry cloth, rub the spot lightly. You can also use a little WD-40 sprayed on a towel. Just make sure to degrease it afterwards with dishwashing liquid or soap and water.
These quick fixes and practical tips can surely make a big difference at your home. If you have anymore to add that you think must be included at this post, feel free to say it via the comment section below.

About The Author: Ron is the webmaster of MichiganHousesOnline.Com and Apartments-For-Rent-In-Michigan.Com. For more of his tips and advice, you can follow this blog.

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