Do-it-yourself Mosaic Peel and Stick Tiles

A brand new and innovative product is on the market in the tile industry �mosaic peel and stick tiles! Not only are they extremely easy to install and convenient, but you will also find that they are cost effective, fully customizable and very fashionable. These mosaic peel and stick tiles can be used in the kitchen or bathroom and come in a variety of colours. Every variance casts a beautiful aura and will leave a wonderful accent on any wall in the room- Just choose which of the 15 colours you�d like to use and you�re already over halfway done with the project!  There are dark, light, bright and subtle colours to choose from for whatever your needs are! 

You can choose from colours like Turquoise, Lavender, Raspberry, Apple & Lime, Plum or Spearmint, which is sure to  brighten up any room with its added shimmer and sparkle. Of course, there is also the lovely deeper colours as well which are for the not so shiny types of people- Burgundy, Copper Brown, Forest Shades, Golden Sunset, Midnight Blue, and Scarlett Red.  There is more than enough of a selection of conventional tile to choose from also between the Sepia, Stone Grey and Black & White colours as well.  No matter what your colour needs are- from a bathroom design for a little princess- to a gothic stone-like kitchen- you can definitely find what you are looking for here. These tiles have a realistic look and appeal unlike any other.  
They have been compared to similar products and because of their durable material they far outweigh the competition. These tile decals will not fade due to being made with the latest ink technology out there. They are waterproof and heat resistant, which is why it is possible to conveniently and suitably use them in both kitchens and bathrooms. They are safe and practical for any household from families with toddlers running around to single, university frat boy condominiums.  Not only that, but they are easy to clean since they are made of a simple plastic material.  Just wipe and done!

Each set of tiles of your choice come in a box of 30 and are 150 mm X 150 mm to fit a 6" X 6" tile for a fraction of what any other kind of tile would cost, and we�re not even counting labour costs to bring in a contractor, which we are all fully aware can often be more costly than even the most expensive tile out there. With these easy, convenient peel and stick tiles you can DIY the entire room with far less expense and in a fraction of the time. The only tools required are a pair of household scissors.  You can cut around light sockets and trim it all yourself to make sure the tiles are a custom fit for your needs.  Just measure the space you want to apply the tiles to, cut where necessary, peel, and stick!

Aside from the economy, convenience, ease of installation and colour options another great feature is that these peel and stick tiles can be applied to virtually any wall surface, which really opens up the possibilities and window of opportunity to truly let your creative side shine through!  Whether you are wanting to cover up a wall with wallpaper or paint, it will easily and durably stick to either.  Obviously, these are made for any kind of tile surface adhesion as well. As someone mentioned in a review, they had some old, outdated tile they needed to cover up and these mosaic tiles did the job perfectly. You can also stick these tiles to metal, plastic, wood and even glass walls! Let your imagination and ideas show and put these mosaics anywhere and everywhere!

As you will see from personal comments and review at , there are a variety of ways to use these beautiful mosaic tiles- From full-walled kitchen backsplashes to do-it-yourself, completely personalized accented designs like you could never possibly find a twin to.  This is definitely a unique and wonderful opportunity to utilize your creative side and create that completely one of a kind accent in your bathroom or kitchen � or maybe even both! Your house guests will be sure to compliment your handy work and will be asking who did such amazing work. Just wait until you can see the looks on their faces when you announce it was all YOU!

You will also notice the wonderful, 5-star rating proving from people across the United Kingdom just like you that this is truly a wonderful product!  Not only were there positive reviews on this product time and time again, but the star rating is unmatched by competitors.

One of the best perks of these peel and stick tiles, aside from the beauty and convenience, is the savings economically as well! These tile packs cost a small fraction of your typical and conventional tile and they will be delivered to your front door free of charge. They take only 2-3 business days to reach you, also!
So, adding it all up, you really can�t beat these! Easy to install, no contractor required, economical and will turn any room into the all-new, beautiful space of your dreams.
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