Everybody Loves a Looker: Getting to Know Picture Windows

Interested in a picture window? Picture windows started becoming popular during the post-war period because it became common for suburban houses to feature multi-paned fixed scenic windows. And as these windows usually go from floor to ceiling in height, they offered great views of outdoor spaces in a home. Aside from being a visual treat, however, picture windows were liked by many homeowners because they allow a lot of natural light in, making them ideal for day lighting.

Features of a Picture Window
Minimal framing. Window frames can come in a range of materials, each with their own advantages. As picture windows will benefit from having as much glass as possible, you�re going to want minimal window framing. Having a larger glass area means you�re taking in bigger views, allowing you to make the most of available views to you. Wood is a traditional choice for window frames but composite material like Fibrex is the best option for minimal framing. Why? Fibrex�s toughness makes it possible for just little of the material to be used during window construction, leaving more room for glass in a window. As an added bonus, Fibrex comes in a range of colors and finishes that will allow your picture window to complement your home�s existing interior and exterior design.

Expansive glass area. Picture windows feature large expanses of unobstructed glass. If you�re concerned that this may bring a lot of passive heating, do not fret. Picture windows can also be fitted with low-emissivity, or low-E, glass. This glass option features a microscopic coating that blocks off infrared and UV light from the sun to limit heat let in by a picture window and protects furniture and other items around a window from fading while not affecting the level of natural light let in. The double-pane construction that is standard to many windows today also aids in keeping outdoor heat out, assisting in stabilizing indoor temperature.

Inoperable design. The fact that picture windows are inoperable or fixed means they are least likely to be the source of air leakage, a major cause of temperature instability inside a home. This means that based on design alone, picture windows are already energy-efficient. Thanks to technological advancements, however, even already-energy-efficient picture windows have still improved, helping boost energyefficiency in the home further.

Picture window replacement
Picture windows are great choices for new homes as well as window replacement and remodeling. Even those with existing picture windows should consider upgrading to newer ones to take advantage of more energy-efficient features, especially if saving on electricity costs is a major concern for you. Whatever your reasons may be for opting for picture windows, make sure you only work with a reputable contractor. This will ensure that you get not just a quality product but expert installation as well, which will allow your picture window to perform its best. Should you want to learn more about picture windows, don�t hesitate to get in touch with your local contractor today.

Ryan Copple is the general manager for Renewal by Andersen of Oklahoma. A part of the industry for 20 years now, he definitely understands what home improvement is all about, sharing his experiences and knowledge in the company blog. When he�s not engaged in remodeling homes, Ryan likes to travel with his wife and spend time outdoors fishing or hunting. 

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