How to bring spring to your home with fireplace decor

Overthe years home heating has developed and changed significantly, with the introduction of chimneys in the 12th century, multiple chimneys and multiple fireplaces had become common place by the 16thcentury.   Though 1855-1857 saw the first radiator in Russia and 1883 the first electric heater by Thomas Edison, the fireplace still remained a common feature in homes. Even in our modern day society of central heating and solar water heaters, the fireplace remains, if only for decorative purposes.  There is something about a mantelpiece and fireplace that makes a house feel like a home, fireplaces add to the d�cor of a room and help you to express your sense of style. 
With Christmas now out of the way you might be already feeling the joys of Spring and with your Christmas decorations now re-boxed and in storage, your home may be looking a little bare.  Especially that fireplace which until just recently was decorated with garlands, fairy lights and stockings hung with care.  To make your fireplace look less bare and to bring Spring into your home, why not decorate your fireplace with an array of beautiful Spring d�cor.  Here are some ideas you could try out:
 Colours: try to use natural colours, colours that remind you of Spring such as greens, fresh white and browns.
   Flowersand foliage: add vases or baskets of flowers.  Flowers signify the start of Spring and life returning to our gardens.  Alternatively, make displays of foliage in various shades of green.
   Display white dinnerware: things like plates, bowls and pitchers.
   Wicker: things like baskets and mats made from wicker are perfect for creating that Spring feel.
   Branches and twigs: are always a good way to create a natural, Springy, vibe. But don�t overdo it, try to break up the twigs with some flowers in bloom or lush green grasses in pots.
    Shabby chic accessories: things like mirrors, jars and clocks are ideal for a Spring theme and they break up the natural elements of flowers, grasses, foliage and branches.
  Bunting: pastel coloured buntings connote thoughts of Spring fairs and days spent outside at parties or Spring events.  Adding a small bunting above or on your fireplace will help you to create a Spring feel.

   Water displays: things like pebbles in a clear jar filled with water and simple white and delicate flowers would look fantastic.
  Glass and crystal: if you have some pretty crystal items such as ornaments or vases, now is the time to display them proudly around the mantelpiece.
  Candles: perfect for any time of year, candles are great for bringing a seasonal feel to the home.  To create a summer feel use white candles, in candle holder that suit the theme, white ceramic or shabby chic candle holders are ideal.
   Get creative: consider adding one or two of the following ideas, which may seem a little �out there� but really work in the Spring theme.
o   Hand-made bird nests: make some little bird nests out of natural looking twigs and foliage, add some fake eggs to create the look of a real nest. 
o   Bird house: consider adding a small wooden bird-house.
o   Add a chalkboard and write a Spring related message on there, such as �Spring has Sprung�.
o   Create an Easter themed fireplace: one of the most fun things about Spring, especially for children, is Easter.  To create an Easter themed fireplace, scatter it with bunny rabbits, painted eggs and potted grass.
Combine some of these ideas togetherto create your perfect Spring look, you may need to try a couple of different things out first, but if you use this as a guideline you can tailor it to your personal tastes.

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