Making Garage Safety a Priority: Is Your Garage As Safe As It Should Be?

Your garage does more than shelter your car, acting as storage for many things in your home. Using your garage as storage also highlights safety concerns because of the assortment of objects stored together, from old toys and various knickknacks to power tools and equipment. To ensure your garage is safe, it is crucial that you give it a once-over occasionally, allowing you to: 
Minimize Fire Hazards

Combustible chemicals, such as paint, paint thinner, pesticides, fertilizers, and gasoline, can cause fires. The best way to go is to keep them off your property as much as possible but if that�s not feasible, the next best thing to do is to identify, organize, label, and store all flammable materials properly. Make sure as well that all chemicals are kept in their original containers and placed in a well-ventilated portion of your garage. Don�t forget to make sure that you have a fire extinguisher within easy reach.

Organize Dangerous Tools and Clutter
Organizing your garage is key to making it a safer place. Separate items into categories, like auto supplies, garden tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and so on, and invest in storage solutions to make the most out of available space. You can also install cabinets and shelving units to keep your garagefloor free from clutter. Do not put heavy and sharp objects overhead and label all storage units so you know where everything goes.

Lock Away Poisonous Products and Chemicals
Products like car care products such as antifreeze, motor oil, and windshield washer solution must be kept out of reach of children and pets at all times. All of these should have child-resistant caps and, as with flammable products, must be kept in their original containers to prevent confusing one product for another.

Check Your Garage Door for Issues
Aside from addressing storage concerns, looking after your garage door is also part of ensuring your garage is safe. To make sure your garage door is performing as it should, you should carry out inspections regularly, taking note of the following:
?       Pay attention to springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and connectors -- make sure that they are all secure, tight, and are in their right positions.
?       Check if wheels and tracks are properly aligned and lubricated. This will allow your garage door to operate smoothly at all times.
?       Be mindful of excessive squeaking, squealing, and grinding during operation. If you hear any of these sounds, call a professional immediately to have your garage door more thoroughly checked.
?       If you spot any kind of damage on your garage door, have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Absolute garage safety can easily be achieved if you just take the time to get it organized and regularly checked. Don�t hesitate to enlist the aid of a professional so you can address problems right away.

Jeff Varney, an expert in residential garage door installation, service and sales, has been working with the family-owned Automatic Garage Door Company, Inc. since 2004. Currently based in Cleveland, he also manages the company�s advertising and marketing efforts and serves as a high school and youth wrestling coach at North Royalton in his free time. For updates from Jeff, check out the company blog! 

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