Synthetic Roofing - A Smart Slate Alternative

Ever wondered how it's like to have high-end roofing suchas slate? Homeowners and roofing experts alike consider slate as one of the best high-end materials available today, boasting excellent durability and style. Unfortunately, it is not without its drawbacks, being expensive and difficult to install and all. But what if you can take slate's strong points and put it on a more affordable alternative? That's where synthetic slate roofing comes in.
What is Synthetic Slate?

Synthetic slate is a type of roofing material designed to look like thereal slate roofing, but instead of pieces of rock cut from shale deposits, it is made of a type of polymer composite specially designed to have improved durability and imbibe slate's natural color. It's easy to label synthetic slate roofing as something that "imitates" natural slate, but what exactly do you get from this kind of roofing material? Let's take a look at some of its strengths.

Weather Resistance- Like its natural counterpart, synthetic slate is meant to withstand wear and tear caused by the elements. Even after years of exposure, synthetic slate has a fade-resistant surface that keeps it looking new.
Impact Resistance- You've probably heard stories about roofs suffering from dents caused by anything ranging from hailstorms to falling branches. Natural slate is hard, but brittle, making it just as susceptible to this kind of damage. On the other hand, synthetic slate has some degree of flexibility, making it far less likely to get split or dented by debris.
Convenient - Some roofing materials such as metal and brick tile have to be painted after installation, taking up a lot of extra time and money spent on paint and labor. On the other hand, synthetic slate roofing already has its vibrant colors pre-applied, so they're good to go the moment they are rolled out of the manufacturer's warehouse. No need for potentially messy paint jobs!

Dynamic Appearance- Popular materials such as asphalt shingles are easy to install, but they can give roofs a plain, dull look. Synthetic slate roofing pieces have thicker profiles, adding more dimension to your home to make stand out.
Option to Accessorize- Some roof options leave you with no option but to look for hip and ridge accessories to cap off the top part of the roof. On the other hand, synthetic slate roofing has readily  available hip and ridge accessories to help complete the slate roof appearance.
Energy Efficiency- Your roof plays a big role in cutting down your home's overall energy consumption by aiding in insulation. Synthetic slate roofing meets standards set by Energy Star so you are assured that it is an energy-efficient option.

Synthetic slate roofing can offer a lot of benefits but just like any roofing option, it requires proper installation to perform its best. Think of it as making the most out of your investment. Roof replacement is not something you do frequently (and you shouldn�t!) so it is important to ensure that it is done right the first time.

Patriot Roofing'sowner Steve Campbell has been in the construction and roofing industry for over four decades, with his dedication to helping homeowners get better roofs bringing plenty of recognition for him and his company. For updates from Steve, check out the company blog!

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