Trending in 2016: How to implement Serenity in interior design

For this new year ahead of us, Pantone has selected a combination of colours of the year � Serenity and Rose Quartz. The reason for these two colours to be the winners is that they introduce peace and tranquillity wherever they are. In this busy and stressful world, peace and quiet is the most we need so everyone should try and implement serenity in their very homes.

Redecorate Your Kitchen
With its softness, serenity can make your time in the kitchen more relaxing and pleasant. Replace your old and dull cabinets with brand new ones in this colour and you will always have your smile on when you see them. The good combinations that go with serenity are white and rose quarts so you can experiment a little. Repaint you kitchen walls in serenity, for example, use white kitchen furniture and add details in rose quartz. These pastel and soft colours, with their soothing tones, will create a perfect atmosphere for cooking and you will even be glad to spend more time in there. Make your every morning colourful with serenity tea and coffee pots or with beautiful serenity set of cups or glasses.

Make Changes with Furniture
Every room in the house deserves to be a perfect relaxing place, especially the living room. Get rid of that old sofa and buy a new more comfortable one, but coloured in serenity. Also, you can repaint your closet doors or your old chairs and a coffee table and just enjoy their new look. A nice serenity armchair with rose quartz pillows is always a nice place for relaxing and reading a book, with a nice white lamp hanging above your head. Bedrooms and children�s rooms should also have that soft calming look, so repaint your daughter�s bed in serenity and add pink details and make her feel like a real princess. For the boy�s room, you can combine serenity with shades of green or gray and achieve a masculine but gentle atmosphere.  

The Secret is in the Details
Small things make our lives beautiful. That is why you should consider decorating your home with small things in serenity colour. For example, throw some pillows on your couches and sofas. Serenity goes well with variety of colours so it should easily fit in your home. What is more it can be found on any kind of fabrics and textiles and for the best quality you should seek help from Fabrictrades. Out of their fabrics you can make any possible decoration you need, like decorative pillows, cushions, blankets and other covers in serenity colour and make your house glow in it. Other great decorative things are various glass and ceramic serenity vases, lamps, napkins and candles. Nearly everything can be found in this perfect colour.

Walls and Carpets
To get the best out of this colour is to simply repaint your walls in it, and just blend in everything else. You can even combine serenity with soft shades of green and make your home the most peaceful place in the world. Also, instead of repainting everything you can simply order some wallpapers with serenity details and decorations and make your walls fun. If this is too much for you, and you want subtlety you can simply hang some stylish serenity drapes or curtains on your windows and achieve an elegant look for any room. You can do the same with carpets � buy a big wall to wall carpet which can provide you with softness and luxury or place smaller serenity rugs anywhere in the house.
With these few little tricks you can embrace the serenity into your house and make it part of your life. It can affect your mood, but only in a positive way and relieve you from any unnecessary stress.

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