Window Replacement Basics - What is a "Certified" Installation?

Do you want your windows to perform as best as they can, for as long as possible? If you said yes, then you probably already know that choosing the right material and window type can make the difference between good and great windows. However, it doesn�t end with choosing the right window; you also have to make sure they are installed right. And when it comes to windows, nothing beats certified installation. What is that exactly?
Certified installation is a type of installation performed by professionals that are � you guessed it � certified to install the brand of windows you have. You're probably wondering why you have to go for certified installation when you can always grab your own tools or look for the cheapest window specialist you can find, but having your windows installed by certified pros offer a number of benefits, like:

Certified installation saves you the trouble
Certified window specialists have received more than enough training to make them capable of installing any type of window according to manufacturer instructions. What's so important about following manufacturer instructions? Your window is expected to perform according to various factors; these may include how well it reflects or absorbs heat, resistance to strong winds, and even the expected lifespan � but only if installed in a certain way. In short - if you want your windows at 100% efficiency, they have to be installed the way they are meant to be.

Certified installation saves you time
Certified installers have the skills, tools, knowledge and experience necessary to put up windows so they are able to move more effectively during an installation. This results in hours, or even days, shaved from installation time compared to what a DIY installation would put you through, and that those translate to time you can then devote to other things in your life.

Certified installation saves you money
A window installed by a certified professional is far less likely to encounter problems during its entire lifespan, helpingyou avoid costs brought about by repairs stemming from issues related to improper window installation. In case something does happen to your window after a certified installation, you can take advantage of warranties. Typically, manufacturer warranties are only valid if a window is installed by a certified contractor, so that�s another reason to work only with a professional specializing in the type of window you are interested in.

Finding a Certified Window Installer
Making sure that your windowis installed by certified professionals isn't as difficult as you might expect. For the most part, you just have to make sure that you�re working with a reputable window contractor. You�re going to have to do a bit of research but you�ll find that making the effort to find a reputable window contractor will be well worth it in the end. Manufacturers will have a list of contractors certified to install their products so that�s a good place to start.
Alex Esler is a marketing manager for Renewal by Andersen, one of the biggest replacement window companies in the United States. Check out the Renewal by Andersen of Denver andColorado Springs company blog for updates from her as she shares her insights and experiences in window installation. 

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