4 Personal Design Ideas that Add Charm and Wit to Your Home

Once you've moved into a new home, it's really important to add your personal style and flair to the decor. This helps the house become more of a cozy home. In addition to painting the walls, adding beautiful furniture, and putting the welcome mat outside the house, there are plenty of other things you can do to add charm in subtle ways that still make large statements. Check out these four personal design ideas that add charm and wit to your home.

Corkboard Wall

Cork is such a useful material and most people purchase corkboards to stick their to-do lists, reminders, pictures, and documents in. This method is great for keeping important things in their view. Instead of buying the typical corkboard and attaching it to a wall, why not create an entire wall make of cork? Creating a corkboard wall isn't as hard as it sounds. It's the perfect DIY project for someone looking for some instant gratification in their decor. After purchasing cork tiles, attach them to the wall with a water-based contact cement. Carefully stick the tiles into place and allow it to dry.

Staircase Messages

When you look at most staircases, they usually have a carpet runner as the decoration. Instead of adding carpet, why not use this space as a place to share encouraging messages? Although their presence is subtle, these details will make a major statement. There are a few ways to do this. Many online sites and stores sell customized decals. After measuring the length and width of a staircase, purchase a customized decal with a special message. Another customized approach involves stencils, paint, and a lot of time. Instead of purchasing a decal, anyone can use a stencil to create staircase messages by hand. This is a trickier route because of the surface. However, the finished product is worth the effort!

Custom Wood Signs

Custom wood signs give a sense of rustic charm. If your family enjoys the outdoors and loves to incorporate a bit of a cabin/camping aesthetic to the home, consider ordering a custom wood sign.  Some customizable wooden signs, like those available from MyBarnwoodFrames.com, can have background color or lettering added to your specifications. There are lots of different potential messages to share. One sign might include the family name and the date the family was established (the wedding date of the couple).

Quotes or Songs

What is the family song? If there's no favorite song amongst the family members, try to remember what the couple's wedding song was. A really beautiful tribute to the love shared at home might involve stenciling the lyrics of the song throughout the different walls of the room.
These four design ideas truly exude a sense of personal flair. Adding a bit of sentimental value to a home is really special and shares the essence of the family in a unique way.

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