A Handy Guide to Furniture Restoration Projects

Is your home littered with old, decaying furniture that you�ve been meaning to throw out for a number of months? There�s no need to consign it to the junkyard just yet �embrace your inner creator and touch it up so that you have a new piece of furniture done just the way you want it, and without the expense or legwork of investing in store-bought furniture.
Learn more about furniture restoration projects thanks to some great advice from Irish timber merchant Crowe Sawmills (http://www.crowesawmills.ie/), producers of this inspiring infographic. Need an idea to get you started? Revive an institutional table with new legs and a fresh painting job. Transform a disused bedroom dressing table into a practical, durable unit for your bathroom. You could even turn an old spare bed into a classy remodelled settee with some clever innovation.
Before you throw yourself into a furniture restoration project, though, ask yourself a few important questions. Have you the budget and the time to take this on? Do you need to go shopping for tools? Are you certain that you can create the finished look that you have in mind for the item being restored? If you�re happy that the answer to all of these is �yes�, then declutter your home to lasting effect by breathing new life into run-down pieces of furniture, and indeed your home in general!

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