Debunking Common Misconceptions About Patio Doors and French Doors

Without a doubt, patio doors � especially if they're French doors � can greatly enhance a home�s aesthetic appeal and value. However, while many homeowners get patio doors installed in their homes, or at least consider doing so, just as many still hesitate. The fact is, a number of misconceptions associated with patio doors continue to prevent more homeowners from enjoying the myriad benefits of having a patio (and patio doors). Most modern patio doors are built with advanced designs and features that make them a great choice, if homeowners were only able to look past some common misconceptions
Patio doors are not secure
While this statement may once have been a hard fact � perhaps a couple of decades ago � this no longer holds true. Gone are the flimsy frames and weak, single-pane glass; gone, too, are unreliable locking mechanisms. With the technological advancements we've seen over the years, modern patio doors now boast durable and sturdy frames that can withstand the usual wear and tear, and more. Most doors today are equipped with double or multiple panes of glass, as well as more secure locking systems.

Patio doors are Unsafe
Patio doors give the impression of being unsafe � mainly because they typically consist of large glass sheets which may break when hit hard by something, sending glass shards flying.  Moreover, since they open and close  easily even without the assistance of an adult, they're thought to pose a danger to younger children.
Today's patio doors, however, have double or multiple panes with special coatings that can resist heavy impact as well as strong winds. Modern products are also equipped with locking mechanisms that can prevent unsupervised entry and exit.
Patio doors are not energy-efficient
Huge panes of glass may not seem to lend themselves well to energy efficiency � just imagine all the heat that can potentially pass through. However, thanks to modern technology, patio doors can now have as much glass as you want without compromising  energy efficiency. Reliable names in manufacturing now produce doors that have double or multiple panes that offer better insulation. Some modern patio doors are also equipped with specialized low-emissivity (low-E) coating or film that enhances visible transmittance while reducing heat transfer. This means maximum natural lighting combined with minimal (if any) heat absorption. Translation: your air conditioning system won't need to work double time to keep your temperatures indoors comfortable.

Patio doors, particularly French doors, compromise privacy
French doors, also commonly known as French windows, are basically a series of windows put together to make a door. A primary characteristic is the presence of multiple glass panes which, while they may look classy and elegant, are viewed by some as a threat to privacy.
To eliminate any privacy-related worries, you can opt for French patio doors with frosted or textured glass that may also have a reflective material or coating. You can always have a door customized  to have the glass features you prefer.
Patio and French doors require a lot of space
Patio and French doors look, and often are larger than conventional doors because of their design, but if you have a smaller door opening, you can always have a patio or French door customized for your home.  With more size options now available to homeowners, space is no longer an issue.

If you have other concerns about patio doors and French doors, take the time to consult with a professional who can discuss your options with you at length. Talking with an expert can help in debunking any other misconceptions you may have, and you will certainly stand to benefit from an expert recommendation or two about the best type of door to install in your home.
General Manager David Reber is one of the home improvement experts whose experience and proficiency are what makes Renewal by Andersen� of Kansas City a leader in the local window replacement industry. His passion for helping homeowners make smart home improvement decisions is evident not only in his interactions with clients but also in his write-ups on the company blog. 

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