Home decor: When to save vs splurge

We�ve all been in that moment where we splurge on unnecessary things and ended up regretting it after. The same goes when we chose to buy a low-cost item which left us spending more due to its low quality or ineffectivity.

The things is, our home is our blank canvass and we are the artist in control of what to make of it. The only dilemma homeowners, renters or dormers have is when should one splurge or save in terms of decors, furnishings and the works.

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You don�t have to go break the bank when you start decorating or upgrading your home. If you�re still unsure when and what item you should save all your money and spend it upon, here are a few quick tips to help you with that:

Splurge: Bedding and Mattress 
You might be thinking why you should spend on these items. We�ll ask you one thing: will you let a cheap  mattress and bedding compromise your daily good night�s sleep?

The bedroom is the area of your home where you can splash your personality and at the same time, it�s your private space and where you lay your head for a deep sleep. Splurging on mattresses or beddings doesn�t mean spending thousands of dollars for both. Splurge in a way you buy the best high quality product that will stand the test of time and most importantly, it should fit your budget -- not too expensive and not too cheap.

Save: Trendy pieces 
Trends come and go, sure they rise work their way back to the top from time to time but it changes constantly. Face it: trends are transient.

Remember that time when you bought a chevron patterned statement piece? Look at it now and we bet you wish you shouldn�t have spent dollars on it and the other five same trend piece you have sitting in your home. You don�t have to upgrade your home just to keep up with the trend, you can opt to buy one or two trendy piece that you swear you won�t get tired of seeing every single day even when it�s no longer the latest trend.

Splurge: Sofa and dining set 
Your living room is where you lead your guests and essentially, it�s the entertainment area of your home. It�s where everyone gather round for a nice chit chat and where quality times are being held. The dining area on the other hand, is next to the heart of your home. It�s where everyone sits down, eat together and have a nice quick talk.

You might want to invest in these pieces since these are the items that should be long-lasting, well-built for your family and home; and of high quality. We don�t imply that you spend a fortune on these investment pieces do know how to find a great quality sofa and dining table that are good to last for ten years or more. It�s better than having to buy a new set of cheap sofa every three to five years, right?

Save: Accents 
Those bohemian printed throw pillow covers look great for your neutral sofa but check on the price tag. You might want to think twice before purchasing five of those and adding a pricey side table to replace your current one.

Accent pieces such as bold and patterned throw pillow covers, expensive rugs, vases and the likes are great way to add personality to your home. It�s also an easy way to shift your decor along with the season. Since these items are not that much of a priority, you can save up for these accent pieces and purchase those that are affordable and worth every penny.

Splurge: Quality appliances 
Washing machine, oven, refrigerator -- these and more appliances should be where you�re spending most of your money not on non-functional trendy coffee table and the likes. These appliances will be used for a long time so it�s only ideal that you spend high on quality appliances that will last for a long time. You definitely don�t want to have a never ending trip on department stores to replace your cheap microwave and blender. Buying cheaper models could cost you more than it should have, spend your money wisely!

Save: Bathroom and kitchen pieces; home hardware and storage 
A nice faucet, dishwasher, kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, storage and the likes are great way to add a touch of style in these areas.

However, these are the type of items that shouldn�t be on your �must and priority� list. This is where you can actually cut down on your budget and buy good quality alternatives than the costly ones. You can upgrade these without draining your pocket and without sacrificing the beauty of it.

Remember, it�s best to splurge on functionality and quality rather than non-important and essential pieces. You don�t have to resist on your wants in fact, you can still purchase such pieces by saving up for your low priority needs.

Which area of the house you spend most of the time? What�s your favorite furniture or pieces you want to invest in? Ask these questions to yourself and think carefully when to save up and what items to splurge on so you won't regret it afterwards. Know your hard earned money�s worth.

Have you got any more tips or suggestions on when to save and splurge? Let us know about it and leave a comment below!
Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

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