New Year, Fresh Exterior: Why a New Siding Can Make All the Difference

The start of the year always heralds in an influx of inspired homeowners wanting to make their homes more beautiful and livable � an effect, perhaps, of  the yearly tradition of making, and keeping one's New Year�s Resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to upgrade your home, one of the best projects to undertake is exterior siding installation or replacement.
Getting new siding is probably one of the most inexpensive projects you can do to give your home the makeover that it needs. According to the 2015 Cost vs Value Report, vinyl siding replacement costs around $12,013 (you can recoup about 80 percent of your expense if you resell your home.) Replacement siding is durable and can last for up to twenty-five years with regular maintenance.
When is the best time to replace your siding?
The most obvious answer to this, of course, is when your siding is damaged. If you start seeing missing panels or significant fading of the panel colors, replacement will be in order. Another sign that your siding is due for replacement is when the panel pieces bend easily or start to warp when you try to pull the boards away from the house. Also, cracks, holes, or large dents can be a cause for concern. Ultimately, it's really best to have a siding professional inspect your siding for better assessment.
While there are many types of siding, with the popular ones being vinyl and aluminum, there is one particular siding type that is worth considering � steel. Steel is best in areas with harsh weather conditions, as it is thicker and stronger than aluminum. Durability and exceptional weather resistance make it a top siding choice, but steel's features do not stop there. Steel siding is also resistant to fire and is non-combustible, so you can worry less about safety .
Why get new siding?
Siding replacement is a better alternative to repainting your exterior walls. Unlike paint, siding does not chip, blister, or peel, so it can do without constant maintenance or repair. Not only does it provide excellent protection for your home, it also makes your home more aesthetically pleasing. It is the kind of investment that satisfies on all fronts, whether in terms of beauty, energy-efficiency, or value.
Remember to Choose the Right Siding Company
No matter how good your vision or plan is for your home�s exterior siding, things will never materialize without the help of a professional siding company. Choose a siding contractor with a stellar reputation and who has been in the industry long enough to have extensive experience in siding installation.
It is always great to start the year with a new accomplishment, and getting your siding replaced is one that's sure to boost the appeal and value of your home. See a siding professional today about getting your siding project done exactly the way you've always wanted. 
With a goal to build a home improvement company based on quality and integrity, Jeff Jones established  Jones & Associates in 1987 with his wife L�Anna. In 2007,  his company was recognized as one of Qualified Remodelers� Top 500 Contractors in the United States. Jeff enjoys outdoor activities with his family and is known to actively participate in community and religious boards.

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