Understanding Your Roof: The Knowledge You Need to Protect Your Home

Homeownership is a symbol of achievement and a realization of the American dream. Owning your own home gives you the freedom to truly make the place you call home your own. Whether that means planting a garden, installing an electric fireplace or painting the walls any color you like, having your own home means that the choices are all yours.
But owning a home also comes with responsibilities. It is up to you to protect your investment through careful maintenance. The plumbing, walls, appliances and roof are all yours, and yours to maintain. If you are a first-time homeowner, you may have a lot to learn. Fortunately, help is available. You can learn about each aspect of your home and how to maintain it. By learning about your home, you will enrich your homeownership experience and protect your investment.
One of the things you probably never had to worry about before owning a home is roofing. But as a homeowner, this one aspect of your home accounts for a significant portion of its value and your home�s structural integrity. A roof in disrepair can result in leaks that lead to damaged walls, electrical failures, and mold growth.  Needless to say, keeping your roof well-maintained is an essential responsibility of home ownership.
The following infographic prepared by the folks at Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration will help you understand the parts of your roof and the threats to your roof�s longevity.
First, you�ll see a breakdown of the parts of your roof. Each part plays an important role in keeping your house protected and energy efficient.
Next, the Severe Weather Roofing infographic explains the most common types of roofing and how long you can expect each to last. With this information, you can plan and budget ahead for the inevitable roof replacement expense that every homeowner faces. 
Take a look at the common enemies list. Has your roof suffered damage from a storm or ice? Wear over time is normal, but extreme weather or other enemy conditions can speed this process. If you know your roof�s enemies, you can help to better protect it.
And finally, if your home is suffering from moisture or climate control problems, consider your attic ventilation. Poor ventilation is a hidden risk that can cause long term problems.
We hope this handy chart will help you enjoy the benefits of home ownership, armed with the information you need to keep all things well.  
In the infographic below, John Anderson of Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration in Loveland CO, helps you easily understand the most important aspects of your roof.

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